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Gonher Panoplia Sound Rifle


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  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Press the trigger to make a sound
  • Comes with removable scope
  • Length: 26″
  • Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law
  • Manufactured by Gonher in Spain
  • Age 6+ years


Gonher Panoplia Sound Rifle

Gonher Panoplia Sound Rifle. Play the best adventures with this cowboy rifle with sound. This large chattering gun is super cool and ideal for the best western adventures. Replay scenes from your favourite series, or come up with your own adventures. Also nice for a western dress up party!  Includes an insertable sight for the shotgun. Complies with all European Community regulations

Sturdy plastic construction. Press the trigger to make a sound. Echo GUN sound when “firing”. Comes with removable scope. Length: 26″. Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law. Manufactured by Gonher in Spain. Please note this is a toy gun and not suited for children less then 3 years old. Mind that a toy gun still can look like a real gun so its not to be displayed or carried in public. Cap guns should not be fired near face/ear. Suitable for children aged 6 years and over.


Gonher are specialists in metal toys. Their range consists of cap pistol guns, machine guns and rifles, cowboy guns  , police guns, command guns, hunter guns and other accessories like sheriff badges and gun caps  8 Shot Ring Caps  &  12 Shot Ring Caps