Gonher Command M-118 Shot Gun


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  • Gonher Command M-118 Shot Gun
  • Age 6+ Years


Gonher Command M-118 Shot Gun

Gonher Command M-118 Shot Gun. Diecast body with plastic side handles (black), plastic trigger, barrel and also hammer. Uses any 8 shot ring cap. This cap-firing, M-16 style rifle features realistic action, accurate detail, durable construction, and also woven nylon sling. Good cap gun reproductions of modern firearms are also extremely rare. Most are plastic and bright coloured. This replica has the look as feel of the real thing, plus a unique ring-cap magazine mechanism. Release the catch and the drum magazine flips up from the top, load 8 Shot Ring Caps (not included) on to the magazine and close to fire! Check out the link below to view the appropriate caps for our Gohner guns. Suitable for children aged six years and over.

The rifle is made of metal with plastic parts, has a shoulder strap for easy transport, and has a foldable base, so you can easily fire the rifle lying on the ground. Blister 8 shot from Gonher can be used for ammunition (not included) as an exciting detail.


Gonher are specialists in metal toys. Their range consists of cap pistol guns, machine guns and rifles, cowboy guns  , police guns, command guns, hunter guns and other accessories like sheriff badges and gun caps  8 Shot Ring Caps  &  12 Shot Ring Caps