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Shop the full range of Batman/DC online or in-store. Batman debuted in 1939 in detective comics. It was originally called ‘The Bat Man’ It depicts the events that causes a young Bruce Wayne to become Batman.  He is the superhero that soars through the skies in Gotham city.

With his trusted sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, there is no stopping this superhero when he gets going.

Plenty to choose from in this range from action figures, play sets, scooters, bicycles and more. All of the  Batman/DC figurines are highly detailed, which makes them look more realistic and really brings them to life. . He serves as a protector of Gotham city. All his life he has dedicated himself as a protector  of his city.

The first ever film was released back in 1966  which was based on the iconic televised series. The most recent movie was ‘The Batman’ released in 2022. To date Batman has been played by 11 actors.

Some would argue that he is an evil character and some would say he is a hero! The fun just never stops with Batman/DC.

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