12 Shot Ring Caps


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  • 12 Shot Ring Caps


12 Shot Ring Caps

Introducing the 12 Shot Ring Caps for use in toy guns. Comes in a plastic 12 shot ring, makes them very easy to load, and reload. 5 boxes with 48 shots each.

Cap guns are great fun for kids.  These caps are to be used with a cap gun. The caps create a loud sound simulating a gun shot and smoke when used with a cap gun. We keep a great range of toy rifles and toy pistols as well as the caps to go with them. Whether you’re a wannabe cowboy, policeman or just want to pretend to clay pigeon shoot, these cap guns are the perfect toy. The decades brought changes in the guns and caps themselves – from wood and metal to plastic, from single-shot to rapid-fire, from hand-loaded caps to roll caps to machine-fed cap clusters and so on – but the basics remained the same.

Our gun and cap range consists of cap pistol guns, machine guns and rifles, cowboy guns, police guns, command guns, hunter guns and other accessories like sheriff badges and gun caps  8 Shot Ring Caps  &  12 Shot Ring Caps

Safety Warning ! The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that parents warn children not to put ring caps, paper roll caps, or strip caps for toy guns in their pockets because friction can ignite the caps and cause burns.