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B-Kind is an eco-friendly doll range that promotes kindness and inspires children to be compassionate. It was first launched in the summer of 2021.  It features five dolls, Daisy, Brianna, Ivy, Nora and Koral. (each sold separately) They are made from  recycled materials, the dolls wear eco-fashions and the packaging is reusable, and is created using ink from soybeans.

B-Kind dolls encourage creativity through DIY play and emphasise the importance of being kind to the planet, animals, and one another. The Kindness Board is a space for a child to share kindness goals through photos, drawings, mission statements and more. They promote messages such as “Go Green” “Save The Oceans” and “Being cruel isn’t Cool”

A  patterned ribbon serves as the handle on the box and it can be used as a bracelet, the packaging can  be decorated and used as a play scene. Brianna helps kids learn about recycling, while Koral teaches kids about keeping the oceans clean. Ivy is passionate about ending bullying. Nora feels we should try new things. Kids will learn how to help endangered animals with Daisy.

We stock the full range of B-Kind dolls and they are available to purchase in-store and online.

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