B-Kind Eco Friendly Doll Nora


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  • Specific parts of the B-Kind doll are made from recycled plastics
  • The dolls wear eco-fashions, and the packaging is reusable
  • These best friends teach lessons on the importance of being kind to the environment and each other
  • Each package comes with a DIY activity for doll play, and select dolls also include something creative
  • A real, patterned ribbon serves as the box handle that can be used as a bracelet
  • Decorate the packaging and use it as a scene for doll play
  • Use the packaging to construct your very own Kindness Board
  • Dimensions: 24L x 11.5W x 37H cm


B-Kind Eco Friendly Doll Nora

B-Kind Eco Friendly Doll Nora. Hi, I’m Nora! I love adventure, new places, foods and also activities.  Let’s be brave together as we venture into the unknown to learn more about ourselves.  It is so important to be yourself because you are wonderful just the way you are!  I also love to knit and crochet.

B-Kind is an eco-friendly doll line that promotes positive messages of kindness and also inspires children to be creative and compassionate. The line features five dolls, Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, and Daisy (each sold separately). They are made from the recycled materials, they wear eco-fashions and packaging is reusable. The packaging is created from ink made from soybeans.

B-Kind dolls encourage creativity through DIY play and advocate purposes including the importance of being kind to the environment, animals, and each other. Koral loves the ocean. Her motto is “keep the sea plastic free.” She comes with DIY reusable bags, a DIY purse, and a Kindness Board. The Kindness Board is a dedicated personal space for a child to display and share kindness goals through drawings, photos, mission statements, and more. We use ink made from soybeans.  We also use recycled plastics and the dolls wear eco fashions.