So Slime DIY Magical Slime Potion Maker


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  • 1x So Slime DIY Magical Slime Potion Maker
  • Includes: 1x Magical Cauldron, 3x Pendant shakers, 1x Bag of slime powder, 3x Bags of colour reveal powder, 3x Potion colourants, 5x Bags of decorations
  • Tools and instructions included: 1x Stirring spoon, 1x Measuring spoon, 1x Sticker sheet, 1x Potion guide, 1x Pendant cord & Instructions
  • Experience the fun of So Slime DIY with a magical twist
  • Make your slime in the cauldron with real magical mist & lights
  • No mess, no glue, no fuss!
  • Simply add water to your slime powders, stir & enjoy!
  • Full of special extras to enjoy
  • Batteries Required: 4x AA (not included)
  • Age 6+


The So Slime DIY Magical Slime Potion Maker lets you create ten magical slime potions in a real cauldron. With shadowy mist and bright light effects, this slime-making kit provides hours of fun!

So Many Slime Recipes

The Potion Maker comes with a potions guide, full of fun slime recipes for you to follow. Follow the potion recipes or combine with colour reveal powders for 3 surprise slimes! Which colours will you discover?

DIY Slime Kit

Each set in the So Slime DIY Magical Slime Potion Maker includes a recipe card, three colourants and five decoration styles. Follow the steps and combine with the DIY slime powder to create your own stretchy, gooey slime! Plus, this slime kit comes with three individual pendants that you can wear around your neck, to take your slime with you.

No-Mess Slime Maker

Comes with everything you need to make different slimes – no glue needed, or mess to clean up. Simply add water and stir with the golden spoon! It’s the original DIY slime recipe, with a magic twist.

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