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So Slime Tie-Dye Kit


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  • So Slime Tie-Dye Kit
  • Age 6+ Years


So Slime Tie-Dye Kit

So Slime Tie-Dye Kit. Keep the tie-dye vibes going with the So Slime Tie-Dye Kit. Comes with ready-made clear slime for fun straight out of the pot! Just add your scented colours and mix into the slime for amazing Tie-Dye effects. Includes: 3 clear slimes, 3 scented colourants and also one mixing tool. Add colours to create Tie-Dye slime! Pot of Slime: 72g. Suitable for children aged six years and over. Check out the links below to view our entire selectino of sensory toys

Sensory toys are designed to stimulate a child’s five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and also taste. They might include elements such as bright, contrasting colours, sounds, or different textures. These toys are meant to help children develop their senses in a safe and also natural environment using play. Fidget toys can also help to reduce stress and also anxiety in both kids. They can help with attention, focus, calming and active listening.
We are all sensory creatures living in a highly stimulating environment. The ability to balance those inputs and to also respond appropriately is learned, and the best way to learn is through play. View our range of Sensory Toys including Kinetic Sand, fidget toys, slime, textured toys and more here