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Siku Radio Control 1:32 New Holland T7.315 with Front Loader and R/C Handset


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  • Product dimensions W x D x H (mm) 250x91x130
  • Age 3+ years


SIKU 6798 Control – New Holland T7.315 with front loader and remote control
With the SIKUCONTROL remote control module, the 5 gears, the 12 LEDs and the numerous functions of the tractor such as the rear coupling can be controlled. The rear-wheel drive and steering are proportionally controlled. In addition, the loading arm of the front loader and the loader can be moved realistically. The loading arm can also be equipped with a pallet fork. This turns the front loader into a forklift. The fork is automatically held in the horizontal position even when it is lifted. All SIKUCONTROL tractors equipped with Bluetooth technology can be controlled with the Bluetooth remote control module. The control offers a wide range of options for professionals: steering, driving, electronic rear coupling for attachments and trailers, switchable driving lights, switchable rear indicators and switchable rotating beacons and the control of several tractors via a single remote control module.