Orchard Toys Superhero Lotto Puzzle


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  • Age 3-7 Years.


Orchard Toys Superhero Lotto Puzzle

Orchard Toys Superhero Lotto Puzzle are all the rage these days. Play this superhero lotto game with your children and help your superhero unlock their magic powers. There are 4 boards with 2 boy and 2 girl superheros and also 24 item cards. There are 2 levels of difficulty. The harder one has a list of the items to collect. The easier one also has pictures only so the game grows with your child. 2 -4 players age 3 – 7.


Orchard Toys is a timeless brand which has been passed down through the generations, with many of our customers who were given Orchard Toys as children now passing them down to their children and also grandchildren! Orchard Toys create games and jigsaws that are designed with education in mind, working in conjunction with teachers, nursery professionals and children. Our goal is to make learning fun. Orchard Toys are renowned for their award-winning, high quality products which also make learning fun for children. ‘Learning made fun’ is, and will always be, at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring every product we make meets the perfect balance between education and also fun, we continue to produce games and jigsaws that get the seal of approval from both parents and children!