Orchard Toys Nutty Numbers


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  • Build a path for your squirrel and race to collect the most acorns, in this fun counting game!
  • A fun number and counting game
  • Squirrels must collect the most acorns to be the winner!
  • Great for developing number and counting skills
  • Age 4+


Orchard Toys Nutty Numbers

Orchard Toys Nutty Numbers. Players take it in turns to roll the dice, and pick up cards with the matching number. Before adding them to their path. If a player turns over a squirrel picnic card, the matching coloured squirrel has collected enough acorns and their adventure ends. Once all players have ended their path. They count up the acorns on their path – the player with the most acorns is the winner!

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Orchard Toys

Orchard toys are a timeless brand that has also been passed down through the generations. Many of our customers who were gifted Orchard Toys as children are now also passing them down to their children and also grandchildren! Orchard Toys are well known for creating games and jigsaws that are designed with education in mind, working in conjunction with teachers, nursery professionals and also of course children. Their goal is also to make learning fun for everyone. Orchard Toys are also renowned for their award-winning, high quality products which make learning fun for children. ‘Learning made fun’ is, and will always be, at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring every product we make meets the perfect balance between education and also fun, we continue to produce games and also jigsaws that get the seal of approval from both parents and children alike!  To view our entire range of Orchard Toys  please click here.