Kidz Labs Magnet Science


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  • Contents: 2x super power bar magnet
  • 2x ring magnet
  • 1x magnet handle
  • 1x car/boat chassis
  • 4x wheels
  • 1x long axle
  • 1x short axle
  • 1x rod for fishing wand/yacht mast
  • 1x fishing wand joint
  • 2x ring magnet joint
  • 5x magnetic fish
  • 15x metal screw
  • 1x roll of thread
  • Detailed assembly and game instruction with fun facts and principles of magnetism
  • Age 8+ Years


Kidz Labs Magnet Science

Kidz Labs Magnet Science. Learn, explore and create with the 4M Magnet Science Kit for kids. These science experiments for kids include 10 fun magnet tasks and science projects to help kids learn and have fun at the same time!

Education can be fun with these Kidzlabz Magnetics Kits which help kids learn about magnetism while having fun playing a fishing task or creating a magnetic sculpture. Construct a super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious dangler with these fun science kits for kids. There are so many home science projects and activities for kids to enjoy.

Kidz Labs STEM kits are a terrific fun way to help your kids learn all about the world around them. The kits encourage a visual understanding of principles in science, technology, engineering & maths through hands-on experimenting.



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