Clementoni Science Museum Cyber Robotalk


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  • For technology fans, this is an incredible scientific kit designed to make a robot with 7 play modes for hours and hours of fun!
  • Download the free app on a smartphone or tablet and programme the robot with block-based programming, entering conditions, actions, cycles and procedures.
  • Record voice messages, change them by applying lots of different effects and sound filters and then transmit them to the robot. You can get him to reproduce them whenever you want!
  • The Robot’s microphone is perfect for walkie-talkie games as well and you will be able to chat with your friends from a distance!
  • And with the paper-based programmer there are command sequences to be created using the cards with QR codes which can be read by the app with augmented reality.
  • Age 8+ Years


Clementoni Science Museum Cyber Robotalk

Clementoni Science Museum Cyber Robotalk. The Cyber Talk Robot is the perfect combination of fun and education with 7 play modes that are ideal for kids who are mad about technology and robotics. Thanks to numerous programming activities, children aged 8 years and above can learn the principles of Coding in a fun and easy way. To play with Cyber Talk, children first have to assemble the Robot, which may require adult intervention.

The Robot can be programmed either manually via the app, thanks to a Bluetooth (BLE) system that allows it to communicate with smartphones and tablets. Numerous functions including transferring audio messages so you can use the robot like a real walkie talkie. Or record your voice and have fun distorting it through filters. The illustrated scientific manual will help your children assemble the robot. And introduce them to the concepts of robotics and also electronics. This scientific kit, inspired by STEM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Numerous game modes to learn about block programming

The free app developed by Clementoni can be used to program Cyber Talk. Activate the Bluetooth BLE module and also have fun with the Robot’s different sections. Six game modes are available, divided into two menus. Play for the Real Time/Walkie Talkie, Voice Modulator and also Training Mode functions. Program for the Tutorial, Block programming, Paper-based programmer functions. The app can be downloaded onto a tablet or smartphone with an Android or IOS operating system. It is not compatible with Windows

Real Time/ Walkie Talkie – Clementoni Science Museum Cyber Robotalk

In this mode, children can control the Robot in real time, moving it around and making it send sound and also light commands. It can also be used as a walkie talkie. By pressing the microphone icon and then speaking to your tablet/smartphone. Your voice will be automatically sent to the Robot that will reproduce it immediately. If, on the other hand, someone is listening while the Robot is reproducing your voice. They will also be able to answer. By pressing and holding down the electronic card Mic button a voice response can be sent to the APP. Clicking on the next icon will activate the Gyro mode that lets you control the robot’s movements by tilting the smart device you are using. This happens thanks to the gyroscope or accelerometer in your smartphone or tablet.