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Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell is just like a real baby! With lifelike baby sounds and movements. She can drink water,cry real tears and be rocked to sleep! Ranging from one that is suitable for newborns to Big Annabell there is something for everyone. Baby Annabell for babies is a super soft version of Baby Annabell for the  youngest of doll Moms and Dads aged 0+. This range contains Sweetie in 3 colours and Sleep Well. It also contains a rattle inside.  It’s gentle sound soothes babies and invites them to make their first discoveries. After this comes My First Annabell which consists of My First Bath, My First Annabell and my First Cheeky Annabell.  The next range includes Little Sweet Prince, Little Alexander, Little Sophia and more. Baby Annabell is the following line and it has Baby Lilly learns to walk and much more. The last and largest doll is Big Annabell and she is 54 cm. Birth Certificates are available for the dolls. Choose a picture, fill in your Baby’s data and the birth certificate is ready. When you print it out, you can colour the picture or stick a photo of your Baby on it.

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