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World Of Colour 12 Erasable Colouring Pencils


8 in stock

  • Blackboard & sidewalk chalk
  • Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange & Purple



World Of Colour 12 Erasable Colouring Pencils

World Of Colour 12 Erasable Colouring Pencils. Erasable variety of colours. Ideal for school. Washes out of most fabrics. Hexagonal colour pencils with eraser in pencil colour. Practical for lessons in a range of subjects – comes with an erasable lead and integrated eraser in every pencil. Can be easily and neatly rubbed out – and that is important at school! Suitable for children aged three years and over. Check out the link below to view our entire range of markers, colouring pencils etc

Our arts and crafts range consists of canvases, paints, markers, colouring pencils, chalk, crayons, reward charts and more. We have a ton of engaging art and craft supplies for kids to make and do and you’ll find ideas for all ages and for all occasions. There’s nothing quite like having a creative crafting session with your kids as it’s a great bonding experience. It is also a great way to make memories. Art and crafts is a great way for your child to explore their imagination and their interests while developing their fine motor skills. Help your child make different creations with a range of material, including crayons, pencils, paint, glitter, pom poms, feathers and more!  Check out our entire selection of Art & Craft supplies here.