Wiking 1:32 Krampe Halfpipe HP20 Trailer


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  • Model brand / code: Wiking 7854
  • Model construction: Diecast Metal & Plastic
  • Model scale: 1:32
  • Approximate dimensions: 23 x 8 x 8cm
  • Age rating: 14+


Wiking 1:32 Krampe Halfpipe HP20 Trailer

Wiking 1:32 Krampe Halfpipe HP20 Trailer. The 1:32 selection has gained another best-seller! With the HP 20 from Krampe. WIKING is introducing the Halfpipe version as a precision scale model. In response to a request that had been made by a great many enthusiasts. The significance of earthworks tippers in Germany and beyond has increased substantially over the last couple of years. Many underground engineering companies have discovered that powerful tractor-tipper combinations are even superior to construction site dumpers.

When it comes to negotiating rough and boggy terrain that is. But, other businesses, e.g. operating in large-scale agriculture and landscaping. As well as municipal operations also rely on Krampe’s Halfpipe to a steadily growing extent. The advantages in day-to-day operations are obvious. Bulk goods slide at a shallower angle along the sides of the skip wall. This eliminates the risk of the skip becoming dented when hauling such “big chunks” as rocks and boulders. Another advantage is that the round shape of the skip keeps bulk goods from sticking to the corners. Making it possible to let the load slide to the centre of the skip in a controlled way during the dumping process. This forced centring provides for additional stability during dumping.


Rich in detail, the chassis frame made of metal can be hitched to the tractor by means of a movable draw-bar. The enormous skip and the tailgate are made from die-cast zinc and plastic, respectively. When the skip is tipped, the tailgate opens to unload the goods. Yet another testimony to the model’s supreme level of functionality. The combination strikes an imposing figure as the two axles of the HP20 are equipped with spherical tyres and a knobbly profile. In a bid to highlight the accurate simulation of the trailer’s off-road capabilities.

WIKING has given the swing axles a level of movability that lets them perfectly adapt to the ground. The fenders are manufactured from plastic, while the mounting of the support stand at the front left of the frame allows the stand to move. Ensuring that the HP20 can stand on its own. The rear comes with a filigree bumper that includes the same lighting equipment that is found on the original.