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Wiking 1:32 Claas Arion 430 with Front Loader 120


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  • Model brand / code: Wiking 7829
  • Model construction: Die Cast Metal & Plastic
  • Model scale: 1:32
  • Approximate dimensions: 20 x 7 x 9 cm
  • Age rating: 14+


Wiking 1:32 Claas Arion 430 with Front Loader 120

Wiking 1:32 Claas Arion 430 with Front Loader 120. Claas has launched the Arion 430 as a tractor that offers every convenience imaginable. WIKING has now miniaturized this latest generation of the Claas Arion line with every attention to detail. The panoramic view through the cab is just one of the features that set the 400 series apart. The panoramic” cab in the original Claas tractor boasts a windscreen measuring an impressive 2.41 square meters.

Cabin Structure

The cabin structure on the 1:32 model does not include any crossbars between windscreen and glass roof which would limit visibility. This unique design allowed WIKING to equip our 1:32 precision model with the Claas front loader 120. Which can accurately imitate all real-life movements. Also simulate all work steps that need to be completed on a farm every day. The FPT 4-cylinder turbo engines housed under the seed greed hood of the original Claas tractor deliver between 90 and 140 HP. Also the removable front loader allows for true-to-life settings. The Arion 430 is WIKING’s first tractor model that comes with a detachable front loader.


The included wrench can also be used to undo two bolts and, thus, disconnect the front loader from the model. Just as in real life, an enclosed support can be used to set down the front loader when not in use. Cab windows and doors can also be opened true to the original radius. Aside from faithfully reproducing the chassis. WIKING attaches paramount importance to the foremost feature of the Arion series: the panoramic cab. The doors and also the rear window, are designed to open true to the original radius. The accurate representation of the original Claas interior offers clear indications as to the comfortable seat. The steering function can be controlled with the finger grip fitted in the cab.

Wiking Logo - Treckersammlung

Today, the WIKING “heart” belongs to the Sieper Group – well known for toy models of the brand “siku”. There, the amazing models will be designed and produced. Every two months new models are also available for dealers and collectors. Fire brigade vehicles and cars, but also cutting-edge tractors or multi-faceted classics are among them.  And of course the popular reproduction of long-forgotten models.

The 1:32 scale, successfully launched in 2007 and initially limited to agricultural models, will be further expanded in the future. In cooperation with the original manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, WIKING has always tried to realize the most attractive products and “lighthouse projects” to 1:32 scale.