Toomies Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks Sorting Eggs


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  • New colour way for an iconic toy
  • 6 colourful chicks and one egg box
  • Helps develop shape and colour recognition
  • Eggs “crack” open revealing a chick
  • Chicks makes a sound when pressed
  • Match the chicks with their shells
  • Age recommendation: 12m+



Toomies Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks Sorting Eggs

The Toomies Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks Sorting Eggs are brighter and better than ever in this bold addition to the Hide & Squeak family. These best-selling half-dozen heroes have had a make-over! Hiding inside their sturdy, bright blue box, the eggs now feature fantastic shades of pink, purple, green, yellow, teal and orange. Each and every egg will squeak when your baby presses down, perfect for giggles and surprises. But that’s not all. Each has a funny face and wants to be reunited with its bottom half.

Moving through key play milestones, children can match the shells by the colour of the faces or the colour of their bases. Or mix the colours up for an infinite variety of combinations. Then they can make further discoveries: each egg has its designated place in the box, with a base that fits a different shape. There are round pegs, square holes, triangles and more, all designed to help develop logic and problem solving, as well as vital memory skills.

A clever alternative at Easter for Mums and Dads who’d rather avoid chocolate, Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks are a welcome addition to the Tomy Toomies family all year round, and easy to take with you, thanks to the handy storage egg box that clicks shut.