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Tomy John Deere Learn n Pop Johnny


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  • Age 18+ Months


Tomy John Deere Learn n Pop Johnny

Tomy John Deere Learn n Pop Johnny. A child’s work is play. Let them play and learn and have fun too. Johnny the John Deere Tractor has shapes, numbers and colors that fit in particular spots on Johnny. Once they are all in place, give Johnny a little push and “Pop” he comes all undone again. Poor Johnny. Gather the parts and build him again. He’s fun to put together and also perhaps even more fun to watch him pop apart, just like a jack-in-the-box! Meanwhile your child is learning shapes and also getting familiar with numbers and colors too!

Suitable for children aged 18 months and over. Perfect edition for any budding farm collector.

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The world expands with Tomy ! Tomy produces a brilliant collection of toys for infants and young children. Their colorful first activity toys and interactive preschool toys get children thinking and exploring. Children smile, play, and learn with Tomy.  Tomy Farm range include Britains Big Farm, Britains Farm Toys, John Deere Monster Treads and Johnny Tractor.