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Timberrr Tumbling Tower


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  • Contents: 48 wooden pieces
  • Large tumbling tower
  • Durable pine wood pieces
  • Stack the wooden blocks to build a tower
  • Will you be the one to make the tower tumble?
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • For 1 or more players
  • Age 4+ years


How high can you build before the Timberrr Tumbling Tower falls? This wooden toy is a classic game of suspense and skill.

The object is simple: once the Timberrr Tumbling Tower is built, each player gets a chance to remove a single block from the middle or bottom of the tower. The player then places that piece carefully on top. If you remove a block and add it to the build without tumbling the tower, play continues. But one wrong move and it all tumbles down!

Timberrr Tumbling Tower blocks are crafted from durable pine, giving a classic look and feel to this fun wooden toy for kids.