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Sylvanian Families Kitchen Set


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  • Furniture set with accessories: cooker unit, sink unit, refrigerator, cooking utensils, vegetables, ice, etc.
  • Cooking utensils can be stored on the kitchen shelves
  • Many ingredients can be stored in the 4 compartments of the refrigerator
  • Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
  • Suitable for ages three years and above


Sylvanian Families Kitchen Set must not be missing in any collection. It is the perfect complement to your dollhouse (sold separately). Furniture and accessories are in keeping with the other Sylvanian sets in country style, in which the family members feel comfortable. The set contains two kitchen cabinets that make up a line of kitchens next to each other. On the stove and in the oven, they can cook for the whole family and then do the dishes in the sink with this Sylvanian Families Kitchen Set. Also a fridge is included in the set, in which everything is found what is needed for cooking. Once the feast is over, everything can be neatly stowed away on the shelves.

About Sylvanian Families!

Every figure has got a sweet, unique expression, good form and size. By the nature of the flocking the figures warm appearance is very tangible to a child.

Sylvanian Families is an evergreen toy, it has a friendly appeal to everyone. Sylvanian also has many different aspects that appeals to a wide range of children including playing-dolls, decorating the homes, collecting the furniture, and also changing the outfits. There are no rules or regulations which allows children to create their own stories and to use their imaginations.

Sylvanian Families promotes wholesome play and has an enduring appeal which helps to develop thoughts and emotions. Everyone can be a part of the family, and  learn about relationships including kindness and also the love of others.  All of the families live in the Sylvanian Village, where everyone enjoys the world of nature.