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Super Sports Goals – 10ft


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  • Comes with ground stakes & weatherproof net
  • Easy to assemble
  • Zinc plated steel frame
  • H: 183cm x W: 301cm x D: 122cm


Super Sports Goals – 10ft

Introducing Super Sports Goals – 10ft.  It is suitable for playing a wide range of sports. Including Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, rugby and soccer. It is easy to assemble and comes with ground stakes and a weather proof net. This versatile and durable sports goal will encourage kids to play outside in the fresh air, which is great for their health, fitness and happiness.

Features: Comes with ground stakes & weatherproof net. Easy to assemble. Zinc plated steel frame. H: 183cm x W: 301cm x D: 122cm

Playing soccer forces kids to interact with tons of different people, including both others their own age and people older than them. This can be particularly beneficial for kids who are shy, as the team-based nature of the game makes sure they engage with others despite their shyness and discomfort. Your mind needs to be “on” all the time when playing soccer. No matter which position you’re playing, the ball could come flying toward you at any moment. The social pressures of contributing to the team will help even the most flighty, inattentive kids to remain focused on the game.

Studies show that participating in sports can keep your concentration and critical thinking skills sharp, as you age.