Smoby Doorbell Playhouse Accessory


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  • An electronic doorbell to give even more realism to Smoby’s playhouses! (Please verify the compatibility)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 3 cm.
  • Age 2+ Years


Smoby Doorbell Playhouse Accessory

A Smoby Doorbell Playhouse Accessory doorbell to give even more realism to Smoby’s kids playhouses! (Please verify the compatibility) Thanks to the real doorbell sound, your children will hear easily their friends’ arrival!

About Smoby

There hasn’t been a child that doesn’t like to play with pretend play and imitation toys! For a hundred years now, French company Smoby construct the most high-standard and popular role-playing toys for children. Such as barber shops, beauty salons, toy kitchens and tool benches. Kids discover the world through Smoby toys, while engaged with tools, brushes, cash machines . And other pretend toys that bring their favourite professions closer! In addition, Smoby creates some of the most amazing outdoor toys such as garden houses, work vehicles for kids and tricycles.

About Smoby: As one of the most famous French toy manufacturers, Smoby Toys knows what makes children happy and parents happy – innovative toys that help little ones discover and train their own skills, cheerful, colourful and full of ideas. Because children are born explorers! They understand and experience the world through playing and trying out. That’s why age-appropriate, safe toys are so important. Smoby Toys are experts in tested toys with the latest in educational research, from baby to school age. The most important thing is, however, playing with Smoby products is just really fun.