Smoby Baby Nurse Changing Bag


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  • Diaper bag with 7 accessories: soap, drink, spoon, bottle, thermometer, bib and diaper.
  • Doll not included.
  • Age 3+ Years


Smoby Baby Nurse Changing Bag

Your child will be able to take care of his baby doll with the Smoby Baby Nurse Changing Bag , at any time! He can easily transport it thanks to the adjustable strap and the little handle. Every little creature needs both warmth and love to soothe his sadness or tears. Our “little moms” observe our behavior and transfer the patterns of behavior to their play, through which they learn to live and show affection, empathy.

SMOBY stands for:

  • Ergonomic toys with lots of entertainment value
    Developed by French designers.
  • Safe play experience
    They use materials that are not hazardous to the health. All products conform to European toy safety regulations.
  • Healthy development
    Through age-appropriate toys that stimulate and help to develop the senses.
  • Excellent workmanship and durability
    Through the use of high-quality materials, combined with the latest production methods.
  • Committed to the environment
    They use recycled material to protect resources and colour batches with superior light fastness and UV stabilisers for enduring quality, year after year.
There hasn’t been a child that doesn’t like to play with pretend play and imitation toys! For a hundred years now, French company Smoby construct the most high-standard and popular role-playing toys for children. Such as barber shops, beauty salons, toy kitchens and tool benches. Kids discover the world through Smoby toys, while engaged with tools, brushes, cash machines . And other pretend toys that bring their favorite professions closer! In addition, Smoby creates some of the most amazing outdoor toys such as garden houses, work vehicles for kids and tricycles.