Siku 1:55 Car with Caravan


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  • Combined with a Porsche Macan Turbo as a towing vehicle, the Dethleffs’ Exclusive Caravan and rich accessories.
  • The black Porsche Macan was further refined by printing.
  • The elaborate implementation of many small details on Dethleffs caravan and the extensive printing of the model can be seen that this toy will look good in a collector’s display case.
  • Another special feature of the caravan is the removable roof.
  • Thus, with the included figures also game scenes can be displayed within the caravan.
  • In addition to various figures is also a nearly complete camping equipment consisting of 2 garden chairs, a table, a parasol, a deck chair and a barbecue on board.
  • Colours and styles may vary


Siku 1:55 Car with Caravan

Siku 1:55 Car with Caravan. Car and caravan from the SIKU SUPER range. Combination of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo as the towing vehicle, the Dethleffs “Exclusiv Emotion” caravan and plenty of accessories. The black Porsche Cayenne has been given a printed finish. The intricate design and small details on the Dethleffs caravan – in addition to the extensive print on the model – ensure that this toy will also make a good impression in a collector’s display case. Another special feature of the caravan is its removable roof. This means that you can also play with the figures provided inside the caravan. In addition to the different figures, a virtually complete camping kit is provided, including 2 garden chairs, a table, a parasol, a sunbed, and a barbecue.

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