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Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Siku 1:50 World Drawbridge


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The drawbridge is a central element of the SIKUWORLD landscape in the nursery. Drive over a river or a road. Build the bridge into the SIKUWORLD or use it as a single game element. The new driveway elements allow this flexible use of the bridge. The ramps can be used on almost all SIKU models. If the headroom under the bridge is too low, the roadway can be folded up and the ferry or trucks and tractors continue to travel.


Siku World drawbridge adds flexible fun to your Siku World layout. With drive on ramps, use it as a bridge over roads or water; raise the drawbridge to allow large ships and boats to pass. Adjust the height of the drawbridge with the included pillar supports. Integrates with Siku World layout; also suitable for standalone play.