Siku 1:32 Reversible Plough


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  • Our bright red siku model is a real powerhouse: with its five shares, it is perfect for small arable and mixed farms.
  • And the best thing? It fits all siku trailer couplings of the 1:32 scale tractor models.
  • Simply couple up and plough away!
  • Age 3+ years


Siku 1:32 Reversible Plough

Introducing the Siku 1:32 Reversible Plough. Full-turning plough The oldest wooden plough found in Germany is the Krümel plough from Walle in East Frisia, which historians estimate to have originated around 2,000 BC. Since then, man has made use of the double-sided action of the tool to turn (or plough) the soil on arable land. It is therefore clear that a powerful plough should not be missing in the siku world.

The siku model in red has 5 shares and is therefore specially designed for small arable and mixed farms. The plough is compatible with all siku trailer couplings of the 1:32 scale tractor models and is child’s play to assemble. Shop our full extensive range of Siku tractors, trailers, city and also agriculture here Siku Toys


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Some of the products sold by Siku are model cars, figurines, model aircraft, model commercial vehicles and also model agricultural machinery.  Siku’s primary offering is the 1:55 scale “Super Series” line of model vehicles. It can be seen as roughly the equivalent to Matchbox vehicles. The company also owns the well known HO Scale manufacturer Wiking. Shop our selection of top quality collectors models from Wiking.

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