Siku 1:32 Liebherr R980 With Remote Control


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  • All Siku models are accurately modelled and finished and are great collectors items for the digger enthusiast.
  • All Siku models comply completely with relevant safety regulations and are CE tested and approved.


Siku 1:32 Liebherr R980 With Remote Control

Siku 1:32 Liebherr R980 With Remote Control. The new crawler excavator from the Liebherr brand sets new yardsticks in the SIKUCONTROL32 series in terms of size, weight, and functionality. The 2.4 GHz RC model, made mainly from metal weighs in at around 2.5 kg. A total of six electronic proportionally controlled high output gears moves this monumental RC vehicle safely and accurately to its goal.

Just with a press of a button, the turret is moved to the ‘normal position’. This means: Where the excavator arm points is forwards. The excavator is proportionally controlled by means of three gears, and is also capable of excavating just like the original. The excavator is also operated via a remote control.  The new joystick control elements duplicate the actual control movements of an excavator just like the original. Using the new controller, there is no problem in issuing accurate control commands for excavation, firming, spreading or also breaking up.

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Some of the products sold by Siku are model cars, figurines, model aircraft, model commercial vehicles and also model agricultural machinery.  Siku’s primary offering is the 1:55 scale “Super Series” line of model vehicles, which can be seen as roughly equivalent to Matchbox vehicles. The company also owns the well known HO Scale manufacturer Wiking. Shop our selection of top quailty collectors models from Wiking here Wiking

Siku represents quality, stability, and safety. And also unique, lasting fun. Because it is impossible to imagine the world’s playrooms without the detailed and outstandingly high-quality toy models from siku. The small vehicles belong to and characterise the childhood memories of numerous generations. Even for the very smallest, siku provides top-level quality playtime.