Shaking Surgeon Game


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  • Have hours of fun with this Shaking Surgeon Game.
  • Do you have a steady enough hand to carry out this operation?
  • Spin the wheel and remove the body part!
  • Includes: 9 x Body Parts 1 x Operating Table 1 x Tweezer 1 x Spinner


Shaking Surgeon Game

Shaking Surgeon Game. Test your nerves with the fun Shakin Surgeon Game. To play spin the arrow to select a body part to remove from the patient. Be careful not to make him tremble with fear! If you do, you are out! The player with the most body parts at the end is the winner.

Take a deep breath, steady your hands and get ready for Shaky Surgery – a fun tabletop game for kids and adults! The game comes with everything you need to play, so get ready to take turns in this operating theatre.

Kids’ Tabletop Game
In Shaky Surgery, players take turns spinning the arrow to decide which body parts needs to be removed next. Once you’ve identified which part to extract, carefully remove that part from the patient using the tweezers, before dropping it in the collection tray. Be careful though – if you touch the wrong part your patient will shake and you’re eliminated.

Don’t Shake the Patient!
In each turn of this kids’ tabletop game, do your best to keep the patient calm. If they shake with fear, your turn is over! Who will be the one to save the patient?! In Shaky Surgery, the player with the most parts successfully extracted, or the last remaining player wins.