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Schleich 42580 Sofia’s Beauties Andalusian Mare


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  • Contents: 1x Andalusian Mare, 1x hairclip, 1x hair beads & 1x finger brush
  • This item is part of the Horse Club Sofia’s Beauties theme world
  • The Mare’s mane and tail can be brushed, braided and styled
  • The mane and tail can also be swapped out
  • Use the hairclips and beads to give this Mare a gorgeous look


Schleich 42580 Sofia’s Beauties Andalusian Mare

Schleich 42580 Sofia’s Beauties Andalusian Mare. Wow, what an amazing mane! It belongs to the Beauty Horse Andalusian Mare by Schleich Horse Club Sofia’s Beauties and can be decorated every day with cool hair clips in all her favorite colours.

She’s been growing her hair since she was a young foal. The secret: don’t blow-dry her mane after washing – just let it air-dry. But don’t forget her daily grooming! This is best done with the purple brush that comes in this set. Or your fingers. Do you think you can help her with that? The pretty horse will be certainly be grateful!

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