Schleich 42588 Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon


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  • 1x Schleich Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon – 42588
  • 2x Figures – Sofia, Mrs Lopez-Mitchell
  • 3x Animals – Blossom Horse, Trakhener Mare, Maltipoo Puppy
  • Horses feature brushable manes & stylable tails
  • Mane and tail can be swapped out
  • Detailed horse salon playset
  • Use the turntable platform to style horses
  • Drawer offers plenty of room for accessories
  • Inspires imaginative and independent play in children
  • Ages 4+


Schleich 42588 Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon

Schleich 42588 Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon. With the Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon from schleich, it’s hard to know where to start! There’s so much to choose from – a stable party, horse birthday, or the first day of school for the youngest foal. This schleich playset has everything you could possibly want for every equine occasion.

Customise Sofia’s Horses
Thanks to the tailor shop in Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon, every accessory can be made to measure. Little foals, sporty ponies and powerful stallions can proudly present their new outfits on the podium! Use the drawer underneath to store all the hair accessories, clips and beads.

So Much to Do!
Did you know that you can easily swap out and comb the mane and tail of any horse in the Sofia’s Beauties Horse Beauty Salon? And after all that posing, the animals deserve lots of fresh hay in the cozy waiting area of this schleich playset. There’s even some cool lemonade – but that’s only for the riders!

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A little bit about Schleich

Schleich believes the bestest stories are full of imagination , free of silly adult limitations and powered by kids’ unbridled curiosity . Their toys want to be just as magical , just as childlike and just as inquisitive. And we couldn’t agree more. Their characters come in a million gazillion shapes, sizes and also colours.  Whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs, they have one thing in common. Every toy in the Schleich collection is authentic, detailed and also high quality.  Check out our large collection of Schleich figures and playsets here