Schleich 72208 Black Giganotosaurus


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  • Black T Rex
  • Excellent Quality
  • Hand Crafted
  • Age 3+


Schleich 72208 Black Giganotosaurus

This Schleich 72208 Black Giganotosaurus is as dark as night, but on its back it has a spiky spine with a fiery red pattern, making it look like it has been painted with flames. With his fearsome fangs, he has the power to crush any opponent. The Giganotosaurus is as black as night. But its back, with its spiny crest, is decorated with a fiery red pattern. The pattern looks like it is on fire. With its dangerous fangs, it can easily crush any opponent. It ferociously opens and closes his jaws. Don’t get too close!

Watch out! You can see from afar that the huge Schleich 72208 Black Giganotosaurus  is not in a joking mood. Its enormous head seems to consist only of teeth. And it is only too happy to bare its dangerous, pointed fangs. It opens its mighty jaws and roars so loudly that even the trees are shaking. It’s probably looking for prey to flush out. Once it has startled the other animals, it chases them through the jungle on its powerful hind feet at a speed of up to 50 km/h. It won’t rest until it has caught something. High time to get out of here!

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