Baby Clementoni Soft Clemmy Touch, Roll & Play Sensory Ball


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  • Contents: A soft ball and 5 soft Clemmy blocks
  • Soft, colourful and lightly scented
  • Baby blocks stimulate baby’s sight and touch
  • Made with non- toxic and washable material for safe and fun play
  • Ideal for developing the child’s senses, manual skills and motor coordination
  • The Soft Blocks are Machine washable at up to 70°
  • Age 6+ Months


Introducing Soft Clemmy Touch, Roll & Play Sensory Ball

Clementoni Soft Clemmy Touch and Play Sensory Ball contains 4 slices of different colours and textures! It’s the ideal baby sensory toy for stimulating sight and touch in small children.

Stack and remove the blocks
The set also includes 5 Clemmy blocks! Perfect for little hands, these baby sensory toys can be inserted in and removed from the ball, stacked, ans also squished!

Different relief textures
This baby sensory ball offers multiple surfaces, colours, and textures! Your little one can explore on the go – just make sure they have the ball with them. This Roll & Play Sensory Ball is a must for any little one’s development. Browse this, the Baby Clementoni range and other similar products online and instore today. Shop at World Of Wonder, there is something for everyone. You are sure to find the perfect toy to add to your collection.

Conceived, designed and developed in Italy,  Baby Clementoni is togetherness, amusement and also imagination. Baby Clementoni is a play experience that becomes a journey of discovery, helping babies to take their first steps in the world with confidence. Check out our selection of Clementoni toys for small kids here.

A little bit about Sensory Toys 

We are all sensory creatures living in a highly stimulating environment. The ability to balance those inputs and to also respond appropriately is learned, and the best way to learn is through play. View our range of Sensory Toys including Kinetic Sand, fidget toys, slime, textured toys and also more here. Sensory Pre-School toys have been designed for kids to use imaginative play using not one sense but all of them. These toys help to stimulate the senses. Sensory toys are specifically designed for children on the spectrum due to the calmness and textures they provide. The benefits these toys provide are exceptional. They promote touch, feel, sounds, increase concentration and reduce anxiety. Fidget Toys are brilliant for little ones with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to help their concentration levels. The range is endless from bricks, fidget spinners, push poppers, slime, putty to many more. Stress balls also provide relief in times of panic and anxiety attacks.