Real Workin Mr Hosey


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  • Real Workin Mr Hosey
  • Age 3+ Years


Introducing the Real Workin Mr Hosey

Real Working Buddies Mr. Hosey is made for outdoor fun! Have fun in the yard with Hosey. Includes: Fire Truck: Farthest water shooting toy fire trunk Easy pump action to squirt water. Use Hosey to, spray your friends! Wash your sidewalk! Water the lawn/garden! Shoots water 30+ feet!

Mr. Hosey To The Rescue! Has 2 foot Hose. Remove & Blast! Pump It Up! Blasts water up to 30 feet! For ages 3+

Blast water up to 30 feet! Help mom water the garden or spray your friends! Real Workin’ Buddies: Mr. Hosey is the farthest water blasting firetruck in the market. Fill Mr. Hosey up with water, pump his bumper to pressurize the tank then spray! There are two ways to use the fire hose; spray with the hose attached to the firetruck or detach the 2 foot hose to free spray.

Blasts water up to 30 feet! Fill the tank with water. Pump his bumper to pressurize his water tank. Two ways to use the Fire Hose: 1- Spray with Hose attached directly to the vehicle. 2- Detach and unwind the 2 foot Hose to free spray. Suitable for young children aged three years or over.