Polly Pocket Clip And Go Sleepover


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  • Playset opens and sets up like a vanity
  • Polly Pocket fans can play out hair and beauty fun
  • Age 4+


Polly Pocket Clip And Go Sleepover

Time for Polly Pocket hair and beauty fun. Each adorable Polly Pocket Clip And Go Sleepover compact features hair and beauty play in one of three different themes. Pool, birthday and sleepover. Open each playset to reveal a mirror that sets up like a mini vanity. Each playset includes 1 micro doll, 1 micro accessory, hair comb, hair clip, hair extension and also 1 playset feature to play out the styling fun! Choose from Clip and Comb pool, birthday or sleepover compacts (each sold separately, subject to availability). Polly Pocket fans can collect them all! Colors and decorations may vary. Makes a great gift for ages 4 years old and up especially for those who love beauty, fashion fun and creativity!

This Polly Pocket Clip and Comb Compact Assortment Case of 5 includes 5 individually packaged items.

About Polly Pocket

“The story all begins in the town of Littleton when 11 year old kid genius Polly Pocket volunteers to fix her grandma Penelope’s locket during her visit. But in the process. Polly discovers it’s a magical artifact that allows it’s user to shrink herself down to pocket or doll size and then grow back up”.

What makes Polly Pocket so popular is that they can be taken anywhere by a child due to their compact size. These dolls come in tiny compact sets. Polly’s pocket-size world is packed with big surprises and on-the-go-fun! Treat kids to storytelling adventures with dolls, playsets, compacts, and much more – perfect for portable play.