Play-Doh 4 Pack Dough Set of Classic Colours


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  • Includes 4 Play-Doh colors


Play-Doh 4 Pack Dough Set of Classic Colours

Play-Doh 4 Pack Dough Set of Classic Colours. Explore open-ended creativity and make amazing creations with this Play-Doh variety pack! With 4 different Play-Doh colors to squish and mold, kids can create all sorts of wonderful “”dough pieces.” Open a world of colour with 4 tubs of Play-Doh compound. Kids can shape and mould all their mind’s creations with Play-Doh. Squish it and roll it for sensory fun! This pack includes 4 bright Play-Doh colours in assortment, perfect for arts and crafts at home or in the classroom. Colours and styles may vary.


Play-Doh compound is an amazing modelling material that children can use in both crafts and education. Play-Doh material comes in a variety of colours and is the perfect way to encourage learning through play. While Play-Doh is a lot of fun, it can also help to develop a range of skills in young children as is often used in sensory play

Sensory Play
Sensory play with creative, tactile toys can help support your child’s development. Our range of sensory toys like dough can be soothing and calming, building communication, motor skills and independent thinking.

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