Our Generation Noemie Vet Doll With Pet Hamster


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  • 46cm Vet Doll: keep pets happy and healthy with Our Generation doll Noemie!
  • Features: brown eyes that open and close with long, straight blonde hair that’s fun to brush and style!
  • Easy to Play: cuddly soft body; neck, arms, and legs rotate to perform fun checkups with hamster assistant Rupert!
  • Includes: 18-inch doll, scrubs top with cute animal prints, pleated skirt, undies, doctor’s coat, plush hamster, pair of shoes, stethoscope, clipboard, 2 medical forms, treats jar, pretend syringe, pen, and medicine bottle.
  • Age 3+ Years


Our Generation Noemie Vet Doll With Pet Hamster

Keep pets happy and healthy with Our Generation Noemie Vet Doll With Pet Hamster! This Our Generation 18-inch vet doll has beautiful brown eyes that open and close, and her long blonde hair is fun to brush and style. She has a cuddly soft body and can rotate her arms and legs to perform fun checkups on pets. She even has her pet hamster assistant Rupert to lend a helping hand! Use the stethoscope, pretend syringe, and medicine dropper bottle to care for pups, kittens, and more lovable animals.

Then record each patient’s information on the 2 medical forms! Noemie arrives wearing a cute scrubs outfit with a pink animal-print top, matching shoes, pleated skirt, and a white lab coat. (with a pocket that’s perfectly sized to keep Rupert nearby)! This outfit also features easy-open closures to quickly put on and remove, so Noemie can dress up in more colorful outfits to match any fun activity. For more in our  Dolls and Playsets range and also Our Generation click here


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