There are so many Our Generation friends to choose from. Each doll has their own personality and style, and enjoys different hobbies (accessory sets available). OG dolls are available in a variety of hair colours, skin tones, eye colour and ethnicities. You can choose a doll to resemble the child the gift is for, or simply allow them to pick their favourite.

From the Professional OG range comes Amelia Ann the Scientist. She has long blonde coloured hair tied into bunchies with brown eyes (that open).

Standing at 18″ (46cm) tall, Amelia Ann is a regular OG girl which means she has a soft body with hard vinyl hands, legs and feet. She is described as non-poseable, her fixed limbs mean she can stand up and be displayed.

Amelia Ann wears her white lab coat, a mauve shirt, mulberry skirt, navy bow tie, long grey socks and brown boots.

Her accessories include a pair of steampunk goggles, a pair of glasses, a wind-up robot, an atom model, a caliper, pencil and robot spec sheet.

Doll measures 18″ (46cm)tall.