Orchard Toys At The Museum Jigsaw Puzzle 150 Piece


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  • A challenging, beautifully illustrated 150-piece history puzzle
  • Discover lots of fascinating exhibits at the museum
  • Includes a poster to aid completion of the jigsaw and a 16-page fun fact book to extend learning
  • made of Quality Material
  • Suitable for ages 5-10


Orchard Toys At The Museum Jigsaw Puzzle 150 Piece

A challenging beautifully illustrated 150-piece jigsaw puzzle where you will discover and learn about interesting objects, animals. Dinosaurs and more in this trip to the museum! Enjoy a visit to the mighty Vikings, discover amazing dinosaurs, and also explore the depths of space. Uncover the ancient Egyptians, learn about Human Biology and Battle with the Romans – all at the end of your fingertips!

Use the fact book inside to check out key facts and find out more! Includes a GIANT poster to help aid completion. This Orchard Toys At The Museum Jigsaw Puzzle 150 Piece has been carefully designed to develop knowledge of the world, encourage problem solving skills and promote discussion.

Orchard Toys is a timeless brand which has been passed down through the generations. With many of our customers who were given Orchard Toys as children now passing them down to their children and also grandchildren! Orchard Toys create games and jigsaws that are designed with education in mind. Working in conjunction with teachers, nursery professionals and also children. Our goal is to make learning fun. Orchard Toys are renowned for their award-winning, high quality products which also make learning fun for children. ‘Learning made fun’ is, and will always be, at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring every product we make meets the perfect balance between education and fun, we continue to produce games and jigsaws that get the seal of approval from both parents and children!