Nikko Toys Junior Builder Dump Truck


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  • 10 pieces parts to build the Dump Truck with figure & Screwdriver
  • Assembled size: 203mm Junior Builder – Dump Truck
  • Take-a-part and Re-build and play
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Ready to play, no batteries required
  • Age 3+ Years


Nikko Toys Junior Builder Dump Truck

Introducing Nikko Toys Junior Builder Dump Truck. Kids can build, take-a-part and re-build their favourite construction vehicles with Junior Builder sets, Each set comes in a reusable carrying case that includes vehicle parts, a screwdriver, and a construction driver action figure.  Take-a-Part and Re-Build Build-it-yourself construction sets for all ages! Fully equipped with interchangeable parts, screwdriver to activate the actions and take apart play.

Mix and match the parts of the different vehicles to make your own crazy machines. Includes figure, screwdriver, and vehicle.  Equipment: This construction set comes fully equipped with a chunky screwdriver, machine operator figure.  Create your own fantasy machines and expand your worksite.  Superior built quality which passed extensive durability and safety tests. The Machine Maker products can be trust by parents and offer long-lasting fun to creative children.

Toy cars, trains, fire engines, police vans, taxis, buses, diggers, and other toys of a similar nature all make popular choices for millions of children across the world. In fact, objects with wheels that have any sort of practical purpose. They have proven to be successful play items. Play with toy vehicles can benefit children in a number of different ways; first and foremost. They offer entertainment and provide hours of fun. It can also enhance their ability to develop fine motor skills, including reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, balancing, and coordinating. Also STEM learning – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, cognitive skills.