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Nano Crafts Deluxe Design Studio


7 in stock

  • 27 piece kit, with 10 Glitter mix-ins
  • No heat or cutting required
  • Easy to do, with simple steps


Introducing the Nano Crafts Deluxe Design Studio. This ultimate design studio brings the viral nano tape trend to your creation station. The Deluxe Nano Crafts Design Studio includes all the materials needed to craft the creations seen on all your social networks.

Complete with 10 glitter mix-ins, air pump, and 8 rolls of nano tape, the number of creative creations are endless. A tape dispenser with organizing tray allows crafters to cut, shape, fill or inflate their nano creations into whatever shape and look they want. Nano Crafts Deluxe Design Studio this will make an ideal present for any arts and crafts fan and is sure to provide lots of fun and entertainment.

Viral Craft as seen on Tik Tok & You Tube

Nano Crafts kits bring together the materials – including nano tape – to create ‘unique, tactile and easy-to-DIY projects. ‘ The viral craft trend centres on nano tape, an adhesive tape made of carbon nanotubes transferred onto a backing material of flexible polymer tape. Nano Crafts kits create enjoyable, easy-to-do crafts from sparkly bubbles to squishy cubes of your favourite characters. The latest and also most popular creative tool for children. Providing endless possibilities for imaginative creations. With the easy-to-follow instructions and also high-quality materials. You’ll have a blast bringing these inflatable buddies to life while showcasing your artistic skills. Get ready to show off your completed creations and let the world see your inner artist. To explore the entire Nano Crafts range available and other crafting activity kits you can shop online and also instore