Mould & Paint Animals


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  • Mould and Paint adorable Animals plaster fridge magnets and badges
  • Simply mix the powder with water and pour it into the mould
  • Wait 60 minutes and the plaster will have set
  • Decorate the Animals with the paints and paintbrush provided
  • Age 5+ Years


Mould & Paint Animals

Mould And Paint Animals are some of 4M’s most enduring lines. Begin by mixing the high quality plaster and pouring it into the mould provided. When it’s dry pull back the mould to reveal the shape. And the blank canvas is complete, what will you do with it next. This is a lovely activity for all children, especially for those winter days and rainy afternoons. Use the magnets and pins to make your master piece into either a fridge magnet or a badge to be worn proudly and shown off and finally paint your creation and sprinkle with glitter.

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