Misfittens Assortment


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  • Contents: 1 x Misfitten and Collectors Guide
  • To find out if your Misfitten is common, rare, or super rare, just check out your collectors guide
  • 12 Misfittens to collect (each sold separately)
  • There are some that are SUPER RARE – can you find them?
  • A collectors guide is included with additional information about your new pet
  • There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.
  • Age 3+ years


Misfittens Assortment

Misfittens Assortment are a comical group of cat plushies with a passion for…sitting! No space is too small for these funny felines – or so they think. But now that these curious Mis-Fits have squeezed and squished themselves into meme-ishly tiny spots. They need your help to get them MEOWT!

The Latest Craze of Mis-Fits Inspired by the #ifitsisits meme, the Misfittens Cats are looking for new friends like YOU to join in their Mis-Fitting adventures. When they inevitably get stuck, be a pal and help them MEOWT!

Stuff Or Fluff Misfittens Cats are lovable plushies, perfect for snuggling (or stuffing into small spaces)! Rescue your Mis-Fitten kitten today from their mis-fitting containers, once had time to settle from squeezing themselves into puntastic products they more than DOUBLE IN SIZE… sometimes they might need help to get back to full size so give them a little jiggle and a wiggle once you have helped them MEOWT!

12 Cats to Collect There are 12 Misfittens to collect, each has their own special fur colours and personalities that make them unique. Every plush comes squeezed into 1 of 8 fun containers and includes a collector’s guide with more information on your silly new pet. Some Mis-Fits are SUPER RARE – collect them all for even more hilarious Mis-Fitting hijinks!

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