Mega Garage Playset


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  • washing station;
  • gasoline pump;
  • elevator bridge;
  • ramps and parking spaces;
  • other decorative elements;
  • stickers to personalize it.
  • colours and styles may vary
  • 2 AA batteries. Included.
  • Age 3 years +


Mega Garage Playset

The Mega Garage Playset has sound effects to give the game more realism. This garage come with three vehicles. An electronic garage with 3 floors for small cars. It has a washing station, gasoline pump, elevator bridge and also ramps and parking spaces. It also comes with stickers to personalize it. While playing, children develop their imagination and invent many stories with their miniature cars.

For even more realism, the car garage has sound effects. Enough to punctuate the game and reproduce everyday scenes.

This playset will make a great present any time of the year and is sure to provide hours of fun and also entertainment. Check out more in our range of Action Figures & Playsets


Playing with toy cars and trucks has long been a popular pastime for millions of children worldwide and is still among the most popular activities for kids today. For generations, toy cars and vehicles have provided an entertaining pastime that grants children more than just fun. Unequivocally, playing with toy vehicles can educationally benefit children in terms of enhancing their ability to develop fine motor skills, including reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, balancing, and coordinating, STEM learning – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, cognitive skills, interactive and creative play, social skills all the same time.