Maped Ultra Washable Metal Poster Paints


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  • Create that perfect picture with this pack of poster paints by Premier and part of the World of Colour range.
  • 12 colours included, all different.
  • Supplied in 2.5g small plastic pots with closing lid.
  • Suitable for mixing and creating additional colours.
  • Small paint brush also supplied.
  • Suitable for children ages 3+


Maped Ultra Washable Metal Poster Paints

Maped Ultra Washable Metal Poster Paints. Encourage your budding artist with this set of 5 Poster Paints from Maped. The Colour’ Peps gouache paint is ready to use. Just shake the bottle and you’re ready to create a new masterpiece. And if things get really messy, the poster paint is ultra washable too. Pack contains 5 bright metallic colours – pink, white, purple, blue and green. Suitable for ages 3+

A little bit about Maped products

At MAPED, product managers, designers, analysts, and engineers are involved alongside children, parents, and teachers to nurture new ideas. Lots of children come to MAPED every year to help us design, test, and improve our products. And even when they are not with us, we carefully consider their expectations all over the world. We test all our colouring products in classrooms and we work with school teachers to develop writing products that are as close as possible to their expectations.

Maped goals : To empower every child to change the world with their own hands. To make access to education easier to develop every child’s potential. To develop products that are more sustainable, nurture imagination, and encourage children to learn. And also to lead by example by placing our environmental commitment at the heart of our decisions. And to do it all together, hand in hand