John Adams Fun Bricks 50 Set


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  • Easily fit together any way you like
  • Pliable, tactile and durable
  • Safe play for little ones
  • Help develop hand-eye co-ordination
  • For ages 18 months and over


Introducing the John Adams Fun Bricks 50 Set

‘Fun bricks’ Easily fit together any way you like are pliable, tactile and durable and provide safe play for little ones. Set includes 50 pieces to make a range of different models with colourful characters. These sturdy bricks in bright primary colours are perfect for little hands. This set includes 50 pieces to make a wide range of different models, with colourful characters.  John Adams Fun Bricks 50 Set will make an ideal present for your little one and is sure to provide lots of fun and also entertainment.


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A little bit about John Adams

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