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Inflatable Battle Duel


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  • Inflatable Battle Duel s.
  • Great as a gift!
  • Age 5+ years.


Introducing Inflatable Battle Duel

This game is the perfect game to play with siblings, mum, dad or auntie, just maybe not gran. Or if you must play with granny play nice. This ace set will make you one of the challengers, like in gladiator if you remember that throwback. You stand on your pad and have to balance as at the same time you try and knock your opponent off their stand to win a point. So fun the sticks are so cool and a great way to time and also knock someone off with the force behind them. They are a great way to work up a sweat & blow some calories and of course so much fun and so funny when in use. Also great fun to watch people. We do recommend doing this with plenty of space, and adults must accompany children with this as the sticks can blow quite a force when swung.

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