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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers 5 Alarm Colour Shifters


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  • The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers Colour Shifters 5-Alarm Rescue playset packs cool sensory play with exciting colour-shifting features!
  • Drive the included Colour Shifters HW 5-Alarm up a ramp and into the icy cold water tank of a detachable semi rig. Feel the power of its moving and shaking when pressing down on the ramp and tank to initiate the colour change.
  • Lift the truck up on the platform to drain the water, then use the launcher to send 5-Alarm into a wall of flames 5-Alarm to the rescue!
  • Hit the smash spot correctly, and 5-Alarm crashes into the grandstand filled with the included crushable cars, knocking all the vehicles into the very warm water tank and initiating another colour shift.
  • Put 5-Alarm on the spin-dry platform to remove excess water before engaging in another battle.
  • Age 4+ years.


Introducing Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers 5 Alarm Colour Shifters. The colour-shifting action is on fire with the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers Colour Shifters 5 Alarm Rescue playset. Kids drive the included Colour Shifters HW 5 Alarm into the icy cold water tank of a detachable rig to initiate the first colour change before taking aim at a wall of flames behind a grandstand. Hit the smash spot, and 5 Alarm crashes into the stands: the two included crushable cars and the Monster Truck fall into the very warm water, changing the deco once again! Take a turn on the spin drive to shake off excess water before repeating the challenge! Colours and decorations may vary.

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