Hape Shape Sorting Box


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  • Hape Shape Sorting Box
  • Age: 12+ Months


Hape Shape Sorting Box

Hape Shape Sorting Box. This colorful sorting box teaches children all about shapes and also garden creatures. Place the pegs into the right-shaped holes. Encourage your child to feed the pegs through the correct holes. Open the elastic strings to remove the blocks. Garden-creature-themed shape sorting box. Includes box and four shapes: cross, circle, square and also triangle. Each shape corresponds with a different garden creature: moth, spider, butterfly and also a snail. Clever elastic strings keep pieces in place inside the box. Pull aside the strings to remove the pieces. Shape holder on top of box. Great for teaching children about different shapes and also small creatures. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over. Check out the link below to view our entire range of Hape wooden toys.

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