Grafix Project Craft Mosaic Tiles


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  • Grafix Project Craft Mosaic Tiles
  • Craft Activity Set
  • Contains a Variety of Multicoloured Mosaic Tiles
  • Pre-Cut and Self-Adhesive
  • Great for Craft Projects and Decorations
  • Create Pictures, Models and Cards
  • Age 3+


Introducing Grafix Craft Mosaic Tiles.

Create beautiful Mosaic pictures with these super handy Mosaic tile pieces. Pre-cut and self-adhesive these tile pieces come in a variety of different colours and shapes. This Grafix Project Craft Mosaic Tiles set is a brilliant addition to any craft kit. Perfect for little hands these tiles are both quick and easy to use, with an added bonus of no scissors and glue meaning not as much mess! Decorate pictures, models and cards with wonderful patterns, see how creative you can be. These Grafix Craft Mosaic Tiles are a must have for any fan!

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